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FCE (First English Certificate) is an internationally recognized certificate that corresponds level B2. It gives you a great foundation for Proficiency in English which will guarantee you access to Universities in English speaking countries. It opens doors for careers in an international environment whether it be an internship or a job you apply for.

We work with materials in the course book FCE gold and will help you with the enrollment procedures for the exam. Final year students and students in their 4th year who want to take the exam at a later point are also invited to come. 

course leaders: Prof. Margit Ritsch, Prof Messner Elisabeth

Where: class 5AP

When: Mondays 13.45-14.45

on the following dates: 24/11/   08/12  15/12  12/01  19/01

On Wednesdays 14.00-15.00 for the following dates:
28/01/15      04/02/15