Practical Training with IT company “Systems”


In the last two weeks we had a practical training at the IT company “Systems”. It had been  organised by Professor Fuchsberger;  Professors Frei and Lochmann helped us with the project.

On the first day, the company “Systems” briefly introduced itself. They explained all the areas they work in. They have quite a large product portfolio, ranging from software development to the first backups.

After the short introduction, they presented us with our assignment for the eight-day internship. The assignment was divided into two different tasks. The first task was as follows: “You can create electronic invoices in XML format and then send them”. In the second task: “You could then read the electronic invoices and obtain statistics from them so that you can see whether the company is working successfully.”

The internship week then began with these two tasks. The class divided the tasks, and I took over the statistics and the design of the web application, from which the customer can then choose.

Adrian Reichert, 4AP

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